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2011 Site Revamp had a site revamp for 2011. All areas of the site – LZC – CAD – PC – now share a common style.

2009 Site Revamp had a site revamp 10th January 2009 with the purpose of being:

A resource on low and zero carbon technologies such as solar and wind energy, providing independent advice and tips to help with the planning and design of these technologies.

Also on this site will be general HVAC information; design notes and tips on domestic water, heating, ventilation and other mechanical building services subjects. Our CAD pages compliment both the LZC & HVAC subject areas.

Bites is our section where we will post any relevant snippets such as news articles which are not covered by our guides.

Finally our links page will link you to the best of the low carbon champions on the web, as well as our favourite sites on LZC, HVAC and CAD. Come back soon and see how we are developing...

Factoids & Information on Corn

>> In the US two-thirds of the total yield of Corn is used to feed livestock
> Err.. it's Maize not Corn — Read the Wiki on Maize
> No.. it's Sweet Corn — Read the Wiki on Sweet Corn
> No, no.. Wheat, Barley & Rye — Read the Wiki on Corn (term)

>> In one growing season, one corn plant transpires over 200 litres.

>> In Great Britain a corn exchange was a building where farmers and merchants traded cereal grains

>> The US Government's has mandated that 10% of the nation's fuel must come from biofuels by 2015
> Information on Ethanol production — POET website
> Corn is no substitute for oil — article on corn use for ethanol production
> Burning shelled Corn — Coping with high energy prices

>> Americans consume around 17 billion quarts of popped popcorn annually
> Everyone loves Popcorn — Interesting facts about Popcorn
> Reasons to love Popcorn — Nutritional facts about Popcorn

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