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The website - LZC - PC - CAD - HVAC
Image: Corny was started around 2001 as a hobby to learn computer programming.

Now it is used to document articles on low & zero carbon (LZC) technologies, building services heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC), computer hardware & web design and computer aided design (CAD) too!

The evolution of is documented below.

Since 2021

We continue to refresh the website regularly and adopt the latest trends in web coding. In 2021 we refreshed the site design using the free W3.CSS format for Cascading Style Sheets. Take a look at the code here W3.CSS Tutorial, no license is necessary.

Come back soon and see how we are developing...

For details of how we built our site, see the website design guide

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2011 to 2020

We had a refresh in 2011 to provide a common style for all elements of the site. This included a navigation links in the header and a new tabbed navigation. The colour theme was used for each of the sections LZC, HVAC, PC & CAD and each had a consistent arrangement of layout.


2009 had a site revamp 10th January 2009 with the purpose of being a resource on low and zero carbon technologies such as solar and wind energy, providing independent advice and tips to help with the planning and design of these technologies.

General HVAC information was also added with design notes and tips on domestic water, heating, ventilation and other mechanical building services subjects. Our CAD pages compliment both the LZC & HVAC subject areas.

New Bites sections where relevant snippets such as news articles which are not covered by our guides were introduced.

Finally a links page provided links to the best of the low carbon champions on the web, as well as's favourite sites on LZC, HVAC and CAD.

2001 first website was created way back in 2001. The original site was an experiment to practice programming in html. As the internet was slow in those days, the number of images was minimal in order that the site would load quickly.

The original website only featured articles on computers, including DIY computer building guides.


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