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Website Design

Website Design
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The website has been refreshed a number of times since it launched in 2009.

This page provides articles and links to sites that were used to build the website.

Web Coding

HTML Editor

Our site has been built using CoffeeCup HTML Editor & Web Design Software

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

In 2021 we refreshed our site design using the free to use W3.CSS (check it out here W3.CSS Tutorial), no license is necessary. Also see their main site for web developers, covering all the aspects of web development.

We recommend looking at this useful ccs style guide which explains CSS styling and the use of span and class tags.

Also see the World Wide Web Consortium W3C for HTML and CSS references and articles.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Free images featured on
 Images: Pixaby / free images Pixaby free images



Photographs and images featured on the range of homemicro sites are available for free from Pixaby / free images Pixaby free images

We also like Unsplash  &  & Pexels  &

Image Editing

For editing photos online try: Pixlr online editor  or Online-Image-Editor


Icons featured on the range of homemicro sites are available for free from iconarchive



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Colour's colour palette

Colour selection on this site was aided by Color Picker  We also recommend Colorhexa  & Color-hex  & HTML Color Codes

A great site for creating colour palettes is Coolors  or Color Hunt

For information on the use of colours with websites take a look at W3Schools colors tutorial

Our Colour Palette


To distinguish the different sections (Home - LZC - PC - CAD - HVAC) of website we use 5 basic colours: Red (& black buttons) for our homepage; Green for LZC; Blue for PC; Purple for CAD & Orange for HVAC.

See the full Colour Palette

Tabbed Navigation


Tabbed Navigation Area inspired by Nettuts+

Before our site refresh in 2021 the website used a Tabbed Content Area for navigation. This was based upon an idea from Nettuts+

Hosting uses IONOS by 1&1 to provide web hosting. - LZC - PC - CAD - HVAC

Further Information


HTML codes

Look here for HTML Codes Characters and Symbols used by  or Alt-Codes  or Unicode Character Table

Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb Navigation with CSS Triangles inspired by pages have included a navigation link using CSS code to produce triangles. The idea was found at


Sharing with the community using code from Addthis™

The code used for the community sharing icons was found at  Add This™

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