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PC History: This guide highlights many of the notable dates in technology history which have impacted on the evolution of the computer and it’s use today.       
Numbering Systems: This guide provides a brief explanation on the numbering systems used in computing. Explains decimal, binary and hexadecimal numbering.       
Size & Speed: This guide provides a quick reference to data size (bits and bytes), as used when storing information, and speed, as used for referencing the speed of a processor for example.       
Handling Precautions: This guide provides practical advice on handling computers to help avoid personal injury or damage to components.       


Introduction to the BIOS: The BIOS is a key component in all computers. Understanding a little about its function is essential to successful computer construction, maintenance and repair. This guide provides a quick insight to the BIOS to get you started.       
BIOS Security: Your BIOS may be protected by a password to prevent unauthorised changes to the bios settings. Some companies apply passwords during manufacturing for safety and security reasons. If you have forgot or were not told your password, making changes to the bios will be impossible. This guide schedules some common bios passwords which you can use to enter the bios.       
BIOS Capacity Barrier: The BIOS in your PC may have a number of limitations due to its age. As technology has changed so have the bios instructions. But, as is so often the case, amendments to the bios have not always kept up with the pace of change. This guide describes the major bios limitations associated with hard disk drives and provides a definition of a BIOS limitation or BIOS capacity barrier.       
PC Boot-up Process: This guide describes the boot up process for a computer. Any breakdown in the process will prevent a PC from functioning. It is therefore useful to understand the process should you find yourself dealing with a ´boot´ failure.       
Motherboard Glossary: A comprehensive glossary on motherboard terms. An explanation to all the terms you are likely to come across.       
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