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Homemicro links you to the best tips on the world wide web. Here you will find links relating to low and zero carbon, computer hardware, website design and computer aided drawing.

General information on Low & Zero Carbon

  • Breathingearth This link opens a new window - real-time simulation displays the CO2 emissions of every country in the world
  • www.bsdlive.co.uk This link opens a new window - Building Sustainable Design online magazine
  • Solar facts This link opens a new window - Get some fast facts on solar energy
  • Biomass Enery Centre This link opens a new window - information on biomass derived solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and associated conversion technologies
  • Check out this online calculator wind power design tool This link opens a new window and see how much energy you could generate using wind power.
  • Green Building Press This link opens a new window - The Green Building Press is dedicated to promoting sustainable and environmentally responsible construction.
  • PHPAIDA This link opens a new window - The On-Line Natural Ventilation, Mixed Mode and Air Infiltration Rate Calculation Algorithm (Combined Stack, Wind and Mechanical Ventilation)
  • BIPV This link opens a new window - Building Integrated Photovoltaic panels from Telling Architectural

More Sites

  • Department of Energy and Climate Change This link opens a new window - The Department of Energy and Climate Change is responsible for all aspects of UK energy policy, and for tackling global climate change
  • What are smart meters? This link opens a new window - find out here at Energy Retail Association
  • UK-GBC This link opens a new window - The UK Green Building Council provide clarity, purpose and co-ordination of sustainability strategy.


  • Baxi Energy Hub This link opens a new window - manufacturers dedicated energy efficiency website with lots of useful information and data.


CAD related links

  • CADTutor - the best free tutorials on the web   CADTutor This link opens a new window - by far one of our favourite CAD sites
  • The Cad Block Exchange Network   cben.net This link opens a new window  | | | The Cad Block Exchange Network™ | | |
  • CAD Forum - tips, utilities, links for Autodesk products   CAD Forum This link opens a new window - tips, utilities, links for Autodesk products

Computer related links

Web Design

  • CoffeeCup This link opens a new window HTML Editor & Web Design Software
  • Nettuts+ This link opens a new window Design a Tabbed Content Area for your website as used on the homemicro.co.uk site
  • W3Schools This link opens a new window - A collection of free HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, XHTML, WAP, ASP, SQL tutorials with lots of working examples and source code.
  • The Pocket HTML Tutorial This link opens a new window - useful information to get you start with HTML
  • HTML Code Tutorial This link opens a new window - guides to creating web pages including a complete list of all tags and attributes
  • Essential Keystrokes This link opens a new window - tips, tools, reviews and commentary on web design, marketing, blogging, new media and related topics
  • Color Picker This link opens a new window - HTML Color Codes & Color Picker
  • Add This This link opens a new window - the world's largest content sharing platform

Photo Sites

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