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CAD Shortcuts A to Z

Here is's AutoCAD® shortcut A to Z overview with a selection of AutoCAD command shortcuts in an A to Z list. This is a handy reminder for AutoCAD veterans or useful resource for new users.

This page will help you learn the core AutoCAD® shortcut commands.

Keying in a shortcut command can be much quicker than selecting an icon or navigating through the menu bar. For example to draw a line simply type ‘L’ and hit enter or the spacebar.

AutoCAD® is very intuitive. If you cannot remember a shortcut, just start typing what you want (e.g. ‘C’ for a circle) and the AutoCAD command line suggestion list will takeover and provide a selection on commands.

Jump to: A to I

AL for ALIGN to I for Insert

Jump to: J to P

J for JOIN to PU for PURGE

Jump to: R to Z

RE for REGEN to Z for ZOOM

Here is a selection of AutoCAD® command shortcuts from A and I

Key Command Comment
AL ALIGN Align an object with another
AL ALIGN Align an object with another
B BLOCK Opens block dialogue box in order to make a block
C CIRCLE Draw a circle
CO COPY Copy an object
DI DIST Check a distance
DO DONUT Draw a solid donut shape
F FILLET Draw an arc between 2 intersecting lines
H HATCH Opens hatch and gradient dialogue box
I INSERT Insert a block

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Here is a selection of AutoCAD® command shortcuts from J and P

Key Command Comment
J JOIN Joins 2 objects to form single object
L LINE Draw a line
LA LAYER Opens layer manager
LT DDLTYPE Opens line type manager
LTS LTSCALE Change the linetype scale
M MOVE Move an object
MA MATCHPROPERTIES Match properties of an object
MI MIRROR Mirror an object
PE POLYEDIT Edit a polyline
PL PLINE Draw a polyline - a complex line
PO POINT Point marker or node - DDPTYPE to change pointstyle
PU PURGE Opens purge dialogue box to remove unused elements

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Here is a selection of AutoCAD® command shortcuts from R and Z

Key Command Comment
RE REGEN Regenerate the display
RO ROTATE Rotate an object
S STRETCH Stretch an object
SC SCALE Scale an object
T MTEXT Multi-line text
U UNDO Undo last command
X EXPLODE Explode single entity to component parts
XR XREF Opens Xref manager dialogue box
Z ZOOM Zoom in display - A=All, E=EXTENTS

Cheat Sheet: AutoCAD® Shortcuts A to Z

Now download the shortcuts A to Z Guide: here  Detailed command A to Z list. A very useful resource if you are new to AutoCAD and a handy reminder for veterans.

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